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“With over 200 songs in the backlog and a home studio ready at his fingertips, we feel that it’s quite safe to say that there’s going to be a large influx of releases coming from Sam Small in 2022. Considering he’s a multi-instrumentalist who can also sing, write, produce, mix, and master, the options are endless for what he can create.”

Austin Sher –

On listening to ‘Magical Lights’: “I feel like it’s the audial equivalent of slipping into a warm bath after a long hard day – soothing and calming.” Manny Jones – recording studio professional – Los Angeles

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On hearing ‘Yellow and Other Sounds’: “It’s Mumford & Sons meets The Cure.” Claudio Ramirez – Record Producer, Austin Texas.

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Sam Small is 77 years old

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It all began in my grandmother’s bungalow. I was 4 years old, and I found a windup gramophone in a darkened room. While my mother chatted to my grandmother Rosina, I worked out how to play the records and then came upon one song that I played over and over. My Happiness by Ella Fitzgerald. It was an angel singing. I later learned that she made that sound in a magical place called “America”.

When she died, we inherited that gramophone and her old upright piano. I loved that too and made up my very first tune on those keys. Thank you, Rose, for everything. You threw some seeds into fertile soil, but you can’t eat fertile soil. You need a seed.

The years that followed simply conspired to prevent me from being a songwriter, but I should have spotted it coming. I was an electrician, laboratory assistant, college student, teacher, social worker, recording studio engineer/producer, computer studies lecturer and finally a computer maintenance odd-bod.

But all through that time I had home studio bits and pieces. Also, a lot of failed relationships, which created tears that watered the seeds that Rose had thrown all those years ago.

I got married. Came to America and discovered my real self. Took a long time. I’m now 77. Lot of time and space has crowded my emotions.

But it could be the best time.


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It all began in the south of England, in the darkened rooms of his grandmother’s bungalow. There was an upright piano and a glorious windup gramophone that smelled of furniture polish and lubricating oil. Sam was four years old when he learned how to play the old clanky 78 records by himself in an even darker room. One record got played more than the rest. “My Happiness” by Ella Fitzgerald. He would look at the record label spinning around and wonder where that magical sound came from. He would later learn that place was called, “America”.

When his grandmother died, the family inherited both the piano and the gramophone. Sam would sit on the accompanying piano stool and tinkle for hours on the mysterious notes. He can still remember the first coherent two-handed sequence he composed, hardly worth the name of music, but it thrilled like nothing else.

When Sam took the gramophone to pieces to fix it, his father threw it out. The piano took up too much room, his mother said, so she agreed to give it away.

But then came the reel-to-reel tape recorder, a Christmas gift. And then a secondhand guitar. Sam would record his first guitar chord sequence and play and sing along to it. He can still recall the tune.

A new, nylon stringed guitar appeared. 20-year-old Sam wrote his very first song with that guitar. A plea to a girl who wasn’t keen on continuing a relationship. The song didn’t do the trick. More songs came. Over 50 in one year.

Years and occupations flew by. Electrician, laboratory assistant, teacher, social worker, computer salesman, lecturer in computer studies. Sam bought an acoustic guitar. An Epiphone FT140. Then a Teac 4-track recorder. And then, amazingly, got a job as a recording engineer at a little Bogner Regis start-up called Airship Records. He felt like he had come home. More songs were written.

A London record company wanted an environmentally themed instrumental, highlighting the plight of whales. Sam had a tune which he mapped out with a borrowed synthesizer. It was released as a single in 1979 called, “The Last Whale,” now a collectors’ item. It was not a hit.

Sound guy at Butlin’s Holiday Camp Theater, programmer at a London computer learning company, more songs written, more home studio gear, more doubts about his ability to be anybody in the music business. Sam was now in his 60s.

Then an emotional whirlwind occurred in west London. Sam got married. Got visas to the magical place called “America”. Landed in Austin, Texas. To live. For good.

More studio gear. A wonderful, miraculous, digital, musical hurdy-gurdy. More songs. More harmonies. More confidence. Sam is now 77 years of age, proof that it’s never too late to follow the dream.

Seven tracks of the album “Yellow and Other Sounds” are live on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major steaming platforms. More singles on the album will be released this year.

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