My studio in Austin Texas.


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This is a very long story. But to keep it short, I was born at 2.30 in the afternoon in St Mary’s hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK on November the 21st, 1944.

I left school at 16 with no qualifying certificates. Was admitted to the Royal Dockyard, Portsmouth as an apprentice electrical fitter. It’s like an electrician, but on ships. Moved to London and worked in the old Charing Cross Hospital as an electrician, with not a ship to be seen. It was the late sixties, and many of us believed we were hippies because we had long hair. Well, we saw the Rolling Stones free concert in Hyde Park. I guess that qualifies.

I escaped back to the south coast and decided I was going to be a teacher. That is still a mystery to me. I arrived at the teacher Training College in 1970. By 1975 I had despaired of teaching and became a Residential Social Worker. That was even more of a mystery. 

Someone offered me a job in a recording studio for very poor money. I ran all the way and banged, panting, on the front door crying yes! Well, not really, but it was in my heart. When I walked into the studio for the first time, it felt like coming home.

It was a small town and when we had recorded all the local bands we had nothing left to do. So I became a lecturer in computer studies at a technical college. I suppose there must have been a connection, but I’ve still not found it. Yet another deep mystery.

I just knew it, but it was time to go back to London. It was 1990. I worked for Chrysalis Television for a while, but then fell into a depression and unemployment.

In 2005, I got married for the very first time, which transformed everything. In April 2014 we arrived in Austin Texas and began the proper road to fortune.

Well, that’s all the bits without the musical parts. For all the songwriting adventures, click here for some shocking revelations.