"Man, you are different and at the same time equal to many, but these many are from decades past that you managed to bring to our present, a present that almost does not exist good music, your music is great, from Brazil, thank you very much." - Cleber Ribeiro about 'Magical Lights'.
"My favorite!" - Cali Cats Mom about 'Magical Lights'.
"The music touches us deeply and brings us a PEACE. It brings us good memories. Sam gratitude. The most beautiful song I have ever heard. I want the translation. Sam! how and at what moment did you make this song? It is illuminated. You have won a Brazilian fan. Gratitude, Gratitude. Success, Sam . Peace and Light." - Sheilla Mara about 'Magical Lights'.
"Simply amazing lyrics & music & the performance!" - Ilya Nils about 'Magical Lights'.
"This is absolutely beautiful and I'm better for having found it. Thank you for making it." - Austin Ramsey about 'Magical Lights'.
"Amazing Sam ! Your voice warms my heart ! Thanks." - Mara Klafke about 'Magical Lights'.
"Beautiful! Amazing! The Voice, the vocals, the melody, all the harmony! Wonderful! An oasis of good music amid so much noise that lately they call "music". Congratulations!" - Werner Pfluck about 'Magical Lights'.
"One of the most sensitive and tender songs that I ever heard. Thank you." - Nikolai Laguta about 'Magical Lights'.
"Wonderful music! Lovely voice, beautiful melody, the amazing trumpet solo, everything perfect! Every time I listen to it, I have to repeat it three times. A very simple and beautiful video. Congratulations for the incredible work, everything connected, I haven't listened to such beautiful music in a long time!" - Ronildo Matsuura about 'Magical Lights'.
"I listen ur Song everday." - Grace Amorim about 'Magical Lights'.