I’ve written quite a number of songs written on the ukulele so it makes sense to record them under a collection. The ukulele is the most cheerful and optimistic instrument I have ever played. It seems to have a sense of humor. Can’t argue with that, so I won’t.

The above artwork is that which I hope to use if I have permission. It is of the incomparable, majestic, seminal, true greats of the music business – The Boswell Sisters. I’ll write their story in a separate piece when the album looks like it will happen.

Here’s a little preview of two of the tracks.

It’s a fleshed out demo, really. I’m going to change the harmony of the main chorus. I might change the comb and paper solo. But it’s all pretty much done. I tried to emulate the Bowell Sisters’ three part harmony technique. Didn’t quite make it but it makes a happy sound.

This is just a fragment of the intro to the song. It’s about the most wonderful place I ever saw in England. I wanted to move there but it didn’t happen. My secret pet name for it was Melabiko.