A Day at the Seaside

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We were a poor family, but every now and then my father would borrow a car from a friend and take us all to the seaside. It was just the four of us. Me my sister, mum and dad. I don’t know why I was so excited about being at the seaside. But I was, especially seeing the watery horizon for the first time through the car windshield. It was amazing, but I’m not alone in that. Most children love it too. I ran into the waves. Built sandcastles. Ate picnic food. Annoyed my sister and had a very wonderful day. Driving back home was sad but sleepy.

Long ago and far away

There was me in a car

Me and my family

I was jumping around

Looking out the window

Asking how far

Right then I saw the sea

Right then I saw the sea

Running into waves

Chasing all the seagulls

Look at the crabs

Look at all the people

Running back to mum

Run away from dad

Throwing sand at my sister

Isn’t it a lovely day

Isn’t it a lovely day

Feel the sun

Feel the wind

Feel the water

There’s a castle of sand

There’s a pool in the rocks

There’s a ship in the distance

Where is it going?

Mother said get dressed

But we’ve only just got here

Now the tide’s under the deck chairs

Wasn’t it a lovely day?

Wasn’t is a lovely day?

Feel the sun

Feel the wind

And we’ll be home for tea

Wasn’t it a lovely day?

Wasn’t it?