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This is a rough demo of a song about meeting the love of my life for the first time in person at Gatwick Airport, London, UK.  It was very exciting.
A strange call to action. I have no idea where this came from. I was young when I wrote it but paid no attention to the meaning of the lyrics. All acoustic instruments. I wanted a folksy sound. Don’t know it it’s the right treatment. 

I knew a girl once who was very troubled. She had some bad times and bad memories. Problem was I was a troubled soul too. We weren’t that much use to each other. But we tried.

I found some chords on the guitar which sounded really nice. Instead of singing ‘fairy lyrics’, like I normally do, I hummed. Don’t know what it’s about yet. A real raw demo.

This another rough demo complete with meaningless ‘fairy lyrics’. I love the chord sequence. This has been on the song shelf for some time. Gotta make something of it.

Fully finished track. One of the best productions I have done. Immensely proud of it. But not the subject matter. A promiscuous encounter that left me wondering what the hell I was doing. She was lonely and glad to be with me for that short time.  I went back to being lonely.