Press Reaction:
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Ghost absolutely loves discovering and breaking new talent. While I suspect Austin based songwriter Sam Small ay have been writing for awhile, I don’t think he’s made it onto most people’s musical radar as of yet. His simple, straightforward, heartfelt songs, however, are deserving of attention. It’s hard to pick just one track off of Pocket Full of Unicorns as the standout track, but “Being With You” does give a fair sampling of the quality of the rest of the album.

Ghost of Blind Lemon


Music to dream by. Get your favorite chair. Strap on some cans. Or put on some headphones. Let yourself float away. I promise you'll come back. But you may
have visited somewhere you might not have been before. That will please me.

Come back and see me soon.








Artist Bio:
Sam was born in Portsmouth on the south coast of England. Music thrilled him from the age of three. Pop music and rock music, mainly. Later on he got a guitar and discovered he could put chords, a melody and words into what is called a song. Several decades later he and his wife moved (permanently) to Austin Texas. He now runs a small studio in that great music town.

His influences go back to the beginning of time. Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor. Classic singer/songwriters still inspire.